HealthCare Reform

Obamacare creates several new ways to get health coverage. If you are not offered health coverage through your job, you may be able to obtain it through Medicaid or through a new health insurance marketplace (or exchange) in Virginia.

New Coverage Options

By filling out a single application, you’ll learn your plan options and costs, and whether you qualify for help purchasing coverage in the new insurance marketplace. You may qualify for Medicaid, however Virginia has not expanded Medicaid at this time so if you earn about $16,000 a year or less as a single individual, you are not likely eligible for Medicaid coverage.

If you earn too much to be eligible for Medicaid, you may still be able to get affordable coverage in the new marketplaces. Insurance plans will come in four levels – bronze, silver, gold and platinum – that will vary in what they cover, what they charge in premiums and what deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs they require. If you are under 30, you may be able to get a “catastrophic” insurance plan that charges lower premiums but requires that you pay more of your own medical bills before coverage kicks in. You cannot be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition and may need to obtain coverage to avoid paying a penalty.

Financial Assistance

Depending on your income, you may be eligible for federal assistance that will lower the premiums you pay and reduce how much money you must pay out of your own pocket when you seek medical care. Call us or use the link below to find the cost of your healthcare coverage.

You can start applying for coverage that takes effect in January 2014 during the “open enrollment” period that runs from Oct. 1 through March 31.

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